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Young-Deok Seo (Korea)

Young-Deok Seo received a BFA in environmental sculpture from University of Seoul, South Korea, in 2010. He makes metal sculptures using only bike chain components, comparing the standardization of modern life to the monotonous repetitive movement of the chain in its original function. By repurposing the chain components in his work, he replaces its functionality as a machine part and gives it new vitality and life. “I use immobile and cold textured form of a body to express our true nature that turned from the human nature to a property,” he says. In 2009, Young-Deok received first place in National Undergraduate and Graduate Students Sculpture Competition. His work has been exhibited in Seoul. (source: Artist A Day) Our sincere thanks to myampgoesto11 for this Curator’s Monday on Artchipel.

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BMO! - Created by Nino Cencini

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Burnt woods by mieshB


Burnt woods by mieshB

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Katar Dagger

  • Dated: mid-17th century
  • Culture: Indian
  • Measurements: overall length 36 cm

Of characteristic form, the hilt of the dagger has chiseled grips terminating in acanthus leaves showing traces of silver. The base features curvilinear profiling, while the finely-forged blade comes with sinuous edge treatment. The blade also has a bright polished with armor-piercing tip and actively-patterned silver-gray Damascus steel visible in the triangular central panel and flanking pairs of triple fullers on either side.

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A beautiful wheel-lock rifle crafted by the “Meister der Tierkopfranke”, Germany, 17th century.

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Glitchspace is a first person programming game that’s centred around a visual programming mechanic to change the shape and purpose of objects.  Set in a cyberspace world with simple, solid colors and shading, you have to solve problems by reprogramming objects, altering their physical properties to allow your passage through the levels.

Glitchspace teaches you how to use its node-based programming system called Null through trial and error, with you experimenting with various functions.  Right clicking on an object brings up a programming box full of nodes that you can alter.  A lot of these nodes will be locked (initially anyway), but you’re able to make additions to the red coloured connections that can drastically alter the make-up of the object.  Later on you’re able to actually fire these programs with a gun, allowing you to alter multiple objects quickly.

You’re basically programming on-the-fly, you’re Neo, but instead of dodging bullets in slow motion you’re taking on complex, mind bending puzzles in a beautiful, minimalistic cyberspace.

Play the Alpha, Free

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Tree trunk painting by 23 year old Chinese student, Wang Yu. 

Tree trunk painting by 23 year old Chinese student, Wang Yu. 

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